Why The Cross Necklace?

Why The Cross Necklace?
Why The Cross Necklace?
Friends, there is so much I want to say about the cross but one single blog post couldn’t even begin to capture it… so, for now, I will give you a mini version of why I wanted to make these cross necklaces and then down the line we can get to the real question, “WHY the cross”? (That will be a deep one!)
Okay, Why the cross necklace?
First off, the cross is literally death without Jesus. I know that sounds scary and morbid… but that’s exactly what it was. Jesus brought life and freedom to something that brought bondage and death.
I know it’s easy to casually wear a cross necklace. But I pray that these can be different. I pray that these necklaces can be a daily reminder to take up our cross. To ask God for “eyes to see and ears to hear”. May they be the reminder we need to walk like Him and talk like Him. To love like Him.
We are in a time where the world so desperately needs His love. And if this necklace can be the reminder that you need to just love a little more and give a little more, then they served their purpose.
I remember when I first started wearing this particular cross. I can’t tell you the amount of conversations that were started because of it! I’m talking from believers and non believers. Over a cross necklace! I mean, I wear it in hopes that people see it and recognize Who I belong to :) But it has been so awesome to see it do so much more than just sit on my neck… it really has brought life!
There were three things that were very important to us while creating these crosses… 1. That they were hand made in the USA 2. That they were made WELL and 3. That they weren’t the typical jewelry mark up when it came to costs. We managed to do all three. While I know these necklaces aren’t “cheap” please know they are not marked up the way jewelry industries do. We did our absolute best to bring quality USA products at the most affordable prices possible. We will then take the proceeds and pour it right back into CYH. We want to bring the world a life giving and awesome site that you can visit everyday and just get poured into. We are so excited for the future community Cross Your Heart is going to create and everyone who purchased a cross was a part of helping us build that. I love all of you. Thank you for always encouraging us and praying for our family.


Nov 03, 2021 • Posted by Thatiany Lisboa

so proud of you 😍

Nov 03, 2021 • Posted by Gabriela morales

I’ve been looking for a necklace like this for a long time. God for me has been my everything and I am excited to have something representative that says “I am a daughter of God"
Thanks for something so representative and unique

Nov 03, 2021 • Posted by Laura Pereyra

Hi beautiful people. I really love you guys and everything you stand for! Anyways I just wanted to note that I made a mistake on the cross necklace. 😔 while being with kids I got a little distracted and I tried to just purchase it quickest before it sold out not know there were more options.. and I’d really prefer the gold one. After the silver necklace. I hope you can see this and see what we can do

Thank you so much again 🤍

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