Updates and Impacts!

Updates and Impacts!

Wow guys! We cannot thank you enough for the outpour of love and support from you all! This has been such an exciting journey and I know it is JUST the beginning! So from us to you THANK YOU for keeping CYH going and growing!


We are so excited to share some new products! Right now they are only available for preorder. But they will be ready to be shipped mid December! If you are ordering in the US you will have no problem getting these items before the Christmas holiday… I wish I knew more information on the timing of orders outside of the US!!! But I am still learning! 


We wanted to fill you guys in on some new things that we will be incorporating in the new year!

Here at CYH we are all about spreading Love and Light. We ask ourselves “How can we make a REAL impact around the world?”. We have goals for ourselves but we wanted to take a step further and have BIG goals for CYH and everyone who has been supporting us!

TOGETHER we will be setting goals to END human trafficking and Child Hunger! In the new year we will be setting up a LIVE ticker… and with every purchase we will see just how we are impacting our brothers and sisters around the world!

I cannot tell you how excited we are to take these next steps and how we all get to do it together!


From the bottom of our hearts we LOVE all of you! And thank you for bringing positivity into this world!



Lex and Los




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