I just wanted to share with you guys the joy motherhood has added to my life. It has given me such an appreciation for each day. Time truly does feel like it disappears. Days go so quickly! I am trying to find ways to really take the time to cherish every moment with my loved ones and the people around me!

It’s interesting what motherhood does… The world seems different as a whole! It has given me such an insight to my faith and my my relationship with God. And while it has also made more protective… It has also made me more sympathetic. No one is perfect… We are all growing and learning DAILY! After becoming a “mama” I have learned to REALLY appreciate the word GRACE and its value. WE MUST HAVE GRACE with one another!!! I need grace as a parent because I WILL make mistakes… I need grace as a wife because I know I will let my husband down… I need grace as a sibling because I know I can be a turd sometimes :) … I need grace as a friend… as a coworker… the list goes on and on… But for as much as I need grace… I need to give it. How can I expect it from others if I am not willing to do the same? I think that is the trap we all can easily fall into. Wanting grace on our lives but quickly forgetting to have grace with others when they mess up…or let us down… or if they cut us off in traffic… What about working with miserable people who are mean all the time? Do they deserve grace? YES!!! What happens when we don’t have grace with people who need it most? Our JOY is taken from US! (Now I have watched my husband go through this first hand on a project… and while it may not be EASY to have grace with these kinds of people we HAVE to remember the POWER of “Love and Grace”. If we only loved and had grace with those who did the same for us… what does that prove? That it is ALL about US. If you can’t give me what I want then I am not going to give you what you want or be nice to you. How about we start serving one another for the sake of serving? Being nice and kind to EVERYONE because it is WHO we are not because someone can do something for you.

I challenge you to do something for someone in this coming week that takes EFFORT! That may take a little extra GRACE. I want to hear about it HERE in the comment section! I pray for extra strength for all of us this week as we try our best to walk with Grace in our every step! -Lex


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