"Beauty In The Collapse"

Thursday June 18th 2020


We have been excited at the idea of starting a blog. I somewhat dabbled with a few entries a while back. But staying consistent was super difficult in that season.
But I have this passion and excitement for writing. Not anything fancy… but to just share my thoughts, my experiences, what God is doing and my life
and how He is working through me and my family. So here is my disclaimer, this is going to be a blurt blog.Think of it like a Journal/whatever is on my mind. (Things
I like, recipes, family stuff, mommy stuff, hubby stuff, you name it I’ll most likely end up talking about it.) WE (my husband Carlos and I) will doing our best to share our
Hearts with you as often as we can. I am so excited for this journey and I hope Holy Spirt works through us so we can all learn and explore together!

Yesterday was tough. Now here is the deal… I have really been working on NOT complaining. I want to speak life into any and all situations ESPECIALLY the difficult ones.
And while it is much easier said than done it has had a dramatic effect on shifting my mood. I will most likely never get the amount of sleep I want, Or the amount of quiet to read,
Or the level of focus to work from home, But to complain about the things I am not getting only continues to weigh me down. So… back to yesterday It was meltdown day for my kids.
Mainly Kingston (11 month old). Ocean had his moments too but all in all he was pretty good. Kingston is at this stage where he wants to be in my arms ALL DAY LONG. Now before you
judge me for not picking him up whenever he wants I give this little boy SO MUCH love and affection. But it is physically impossible to carry him all day and it’s just not good for him. So we are working on the “screaming isn’t going to get you what you want” phase of his growing. Our brains are tired. In the past I would have probably allowed days like yesterday to melt me into a puddle… but instead yesterday made me laugh. I was tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and instead of caving, I laughed. It felt so good. The whole thing was actually hysterical. Here were are, with two beautiful little children, blessed to be living on this gorgeous island in this amazing home my husband worked so hard to make exactly what our family needed… I am literally eating fruit from our backyard and Kingston is just WAILING. Oh poor buddy. My heart aches for him but I can’t help but laugh at this moment. I can’t help but feel excited and joyful and strangely peaceful. Wanting to never forget this memory or this feeling I just soak in it.
Little Kingston, I love you. And I am never going to forget your sweet little angry face. Every moment is precious if we allow it to be. I want to find God in every moment. I want Him to work through me in every moment. I want my eyes to see and ears to hear HIM. So, If your kids are screaming, and the world is collapsing, FIND God and he will show you where there is beauty.

LEX ❤️ 

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  • Posted by Jada on

    I love the authenticity Alexa!! That’s what is a o great about you and Carlos.
    I started a blog for the same reasons and there are no rules lol I’m just writing about what I want. And laughing in the midst of a breakdown with toddlers IS hysterical hahaha and a reminder from God not to take this parenting stuff too seriously. Beautiful post. Can’t wait to read what else is on your heart.

  • Posted by Lauren on

    I’m in this same season with a 21 month old and a almost five year old… Whew… Momma is tired most days. But God has really been showing me how to change the atmosphere in my home with my attitude. Love the post

  • Posted by Ashlie Faustino on

    Praying for both you and your family during this pandemic, parenthood is funny in that way, one minute your freaking out, the next you cant help but laugh about it all. Though I don’t have kids of my own, I did raise my brothers and I have to say, for all the parents out there, hats off to you. It is not easy, but not impossible. God is our strength and guide during those times and that’s when we need to lean on Him the most. I love you all, hope you are having a great one there on Maui. Sending you lots of love from Florida! xoxo

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